Image description Because our trip in 2001 to Ecuador was cancelled we went to the south of India. Because we already visited the north of India the culture shock was not so big, and that gave us the opportunity to fully enjoy all the beautiful things India has to offer. There is a great difference between the north and the south. Not only the nature, but also the architecture. In the south there are a lot of very colourful temples, in the north there are more fortresses. We were in Mysore at the time of a big festival. Every evening there was a performance on the palacegrounds and the palace of the Marahadja itself was illuminated, it really looked like a fairy tail. There were ninethy thousand lightballs to illuminate the palace and its buildings. On the last day of our stay in Mysore there was large procession to end the festival. In the menu you will find usefull links and an entry for our Guestbook and Email. We like to get reactions so you are invited.