Image description This page contains photo's and links about our holidays in Spain. Every year in springtime we and our friends spent a week in a hotel on the Spanish coasts. De main part of this week was shopping, swimming and having a good time in the evenings. Of course that's not all we did, we also made one or two trips to a city in the neigborhood. We for instance went several times to Barcelona end visited Allicante in the south.

But since the last years we enjoyed that kind of holidays less. The beaches and bars weren't enough anymore. In 2011 we visited Madrid during a week, a beautiful city for those who really like the Spanish way of life. In september 2016 we went to Valencia.

The longest holiday in Spain was in May/June 2016. We went with our own car en drove for four weeks to and in Andalucía, the most authentic part of Spain. We enjoyed flamenco songs and dance, and the many cultural highlights of the south.