Image description In september 1995 we went for a short time to Russia. We visited Moskou and Sint Petersburg. The first stop was Moskou where we visited the Kremlin, the Red Square and the mausoleum of Lenin. We also went to on a city tour where we saw the other main buildings of the city. One evening we spent to see a ballet in the Bolshoi Theater. We never saw a ballet performance but we did like it. Even if you don't like it then the ambiance of the theater is enough to have a good time there. From Moskou we went to St. Petersburg by nighttrain. This city is far more western and has, just like Moskou, a lot of things to see. For instance The Hermitage, a museum with many different artcollections from all over the world. It's totally amazing, unexplainably. You have to see it yourself to believe it. We also went to the summerpalace of tsaar Peter where we saw how the royal family lived.