Image description In december 1997 we spent a week in Prague. The hotel was near the historic centre of the city, we just had to cross the famous bridge. It was so close that we left the car on the parkinglot of our hotel. Because it was december there was a small beginning of several Cristmas markets and some decoration. It was also the start of the "gluhwein" season. Except for the beautiful buildings there is a famous show "Laterna Magika". Besides that we also went to see Popelka (Cinderella) in the Prague Theatre. Both shows were very different, but nice in their own way. On one day we went out of Prague to Terizen, a German concentration camp. It was horrible to see wat took place there, we went back a little sad and angry. Let's hope this will never happen again. In the menu you will find links about Prague and its surroundings, and we would like you to react. You can use the Guestbook or Email on our homepage.