Image description In June 2013 we visited Peru. One of the things we wanted to see there was Machu Piccu, the famous ancient Inca city. But we didn't want to go there by train and bus, like most tourists do. We wanted to walk there, the whole 42 kilometres, like the Inca's did in their time. It was hard, we had to climb and descend many stairs and mountainsides. But we managed, well taken care of by our own crew of porters, guide and cook.
And also the Nazca lines, the cities like Arequipa and the other old Inca sites were beautiful.
We were there at the day of the Inti Raymi festival. Several hundreds of actors were performing in a ancient Inca ceremony. It was fantastic to be able to be there as a spectator.
So we think that Peru is worthwile a visit.

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