Image description In august 1997 we went to India, combined with Nepal. It was the first time we travelled with Djoser, a different way of travelling. We liked it very much, it's almost individual if you want it to be. And if you want something to be organised you can ask your tourleader. It was our first time in India and it probably won't be the last time. We think India is a very special country with very special people. Of course we did see the important things like the Taj Mahal (magnificent) and the Red Fort of Dehli, but also sites that are not so well known like the Baby Taj and little countryside villages. We visited the temples of Khajuraho, they are very erotic. The story tells that the Kama Sutra was born there, you can easily believe it when you see the culptures on all the temples in the complex. We ended our tour in India in Varanasi that left a penetrating impression, it's India like you nowere else experience it. The city exceeds India in smell, colour and religion.