Image description This page contains photo's and links about our citytrip to New York in oktober 2000. Piet booked this trip, it was a complete surprise for me what our destination was. He had booked the week that he knew that the Haloween-parade would take place. The parade is a lot like the parade on Carnival in our hometown, but the Haloween parade is much larger, with even more individual participants. We looked for four hours and it wasn't over yet. If that wasn't enough the New York Yankees played their championsgame in the same week, so there was a hughe honouring for them at the City Hall. There was a great crowd to see their heroes and we had to look out that we didn't got caught in the mass. Last but not least we went to a gospelservice in a Baptist church. There you find that religion is very much alive for several people. As bystanders we were welcomed by the minister. The service lasted for one and a half hour, but it wasn't boring at all.