Image description In the summer of 1997 we went to nepal, in the same trip as North India. I (Marian) was happy to leave India and go to the clean nepal. India left a very deep impression not only in culture but also in dirt and smell. At first we went to the Chitwan national park. There we made a trip on an elephants back to seek the rhinoceros that lived there. We did see them and they look very different from the ones we saw in Kenya. We did see a lot of beautiful things like temples, but also very beautiful people. The people of nepal have a different lifestyle then in India, probably because there is a other religion. There was more nice nature outside Chitwan NP, like for instance in Pokhara were we had a hotel with view on the Himalaya mountains. We made a one day trekking to the top of the Sarangkot. If you want you can see the photo's of North India in the menu on our homepage.