Image description For the people who like to see a diversity of landscapes Namibia is a very good destination. The dunes of the desert, the mountains and the depths of Fish River Canyon a well worth a visit We have been there in the beginning of autumn, just after the rainy season. That ment that the floods should have been over, which was not totally true, but also that it wouldn't be so cold. Namibia is beautiful, with all its different landscapes, animals and with its friendly people. The roads are fine, you can buy anything you need in the supermarkets that you can find in every reasonable big city and there are very nice parks to see the wildlife. We also visisted the place of a farmer from German origin. He told us how he had learned that het had to live with respect for nature to survive in this rough country. It was impressive what he hade achieved in this dry land. Etosha National Park was also on our list of "Wanted places", and it really was amazing: so many different animals, and there seemed to be no fear of the vehicles that drove in the park. We also visited South Africa and Botswana in the same tour, and payed a short visit of two day to Zimbabwe to see Vicatoria Falls, which were also impressive. Photo's and other things of interest on those countries you will find in the menu.