Image description In November of 2011 we went to Myanmar. It's a country with a military regime, which is known for its violation of the rights of other political leaders. But we went there with the idea that we could support the local people, not only in US$, but also with our presence. The people we spoke were glad we were there, we gave them the opportunity to tell their story, and to let the world see what's it like to live there. At the time of our visit, Aung San Suu Kyi announced that she was coming political active again, and people became hopeful that things would get better.

But next to all of that, the country itself was beautiful. The amount of pagodas, temples, monasteries and their Buddha's were overwhelming. All of them special in its own way. The golden pagoda of Shwedagon, the Golden Rock and the vast planes of pagodas and temples of Bagan are just a few of the highlights of Myanmar. We spoke with the local people, amongst them many monks and nuns. Those conversations were always very nice, we learned a lot about Buddhism and the life in a monastery.