Image description In 1998 we were forced (caused by a knee-operation of Piet) to spent a relaxed summerholiday on Madeira. It was no punishment because it is a very beautiful island. It's called Flower-Island and that is more than correct, in the right season the whole island is one big flowerfield. Even when we were there (in the summer) there were plenty of flowers. On a few trips we saw really beautiful things, our hostess stopped very often for "a beautiful viewing point". We also visited the underwater nature, Piet went along for the first trip but had to go back because his knee couldn't handle the strong current. The last dive he tried again and that was OK, we dived in a national reserve where lived hughe snappers. The were not afraid an came curiously to see what strange things were swimming in their territory. It's nice to get reactions, please use the Guestbook or Email on our homepage.