Image description It was the last holiday with both our children. In the summer of 1991 we choose the island of Evia because from there we could make a one day trip to Athens. Besides that Evia is a peninsula and with the situation in the Gulfregion it was important for me to have the assurance that we always could get back to Holland. One of the days there we indeed spent in Athens, we took a personal cab which driver showed us all the nice spots in the city. It was recommended by our host from Arke and we sure didn't regret having taken his advice, it was a beautiful day. Our side of the island just had a calm sea, for big waves we had to go to the other side. We did so in a rented car, its quit an experience to drive on small mountainroads without a crashbarrier. We did get the chance to swim in very high waves and managed to get back in one piece, again a nice day.