Image description We already had heard that the Galapagos islands were a paradise, but we have experienced it ourselfs in 2002. We extended our tour on the mainland of Ecuador with a week on the islands. It's really unbelievable, there is no animal that's frightened, they all sit right where they are when you walk by. Even birds don't fly away, but just look at you as if to say: "Hello, welcom to my territory". The distance to the animals was mostly no more then 2 feet. We spent the week on a boat, the Amigo I, that took us from one island to another, mostly in the evening, at night and during lunchtime. During the day we made to landings to different islands to watch the animals above and under water. We did a lot of snorkling and while we were doing that a few times we were accompanies by sealions, who wanted to play. Although not to play, but just as beautiful to see were the many seaturtles. When you love animals and you get the chance our advice is to go there.