Image description In 1987 we had our first foreign trip, we went to France. With a little bit of help from some friends we hired a summerhouse in Mont-et-Marré, a small village between Dijon and Lyon. It was not a long distance from home, but it still was exciting because it was our first trip and our knowlegde of the French language was not so great. Sometimes we had to use our hands, feet and mime to make ourselfs understandable, but we managed. Anyway we did experience that when you are in a small village people will try anything to help you. We spent two weeks with our children there and we had a very nice time. We visited some villages and towns in the region and our evenings were mostly filled with strolling besides the little river that was near our cottage.

In September 2010 and May 2012 we visited Paris. This extended period gave us the opportunity to see all the important monuments, visit various musea, and above all enjoy the life in this beautiful city.