Image description Because we couldn't go to Spain because of an examination we went in early spring of 1998 to Eilat in Israël. We meant it to be a relaxing week with some sun, but because we like to go scubadiving that was not what it eventually became. We spent four days in the water with scubadiving gear on our back. In the water that's no problem but first you got to walk and with a temperature of 40 degrees Celcius that can be hard. We dived in Israël and in Egypt (just over the border) and it was fantastic. The coral and fish in the Red Sea are really magnificient. We also dived in Dolphin Reef and that was very special. The dolphins come to play and though you are not allowed to touched them they come very close. When we got back in Holland it was snowing, so we had to get used to more then just the different rithme of the day. The difference in temperature was about 45 degrees.