Image description In the summer of 2000 we visited Egypt. We were accompanied by the touroperator "Djoser" and travelled around the country for three weeks and saw all the famous sites. It is unimaginable to see the huge amount of cultural treasures in Egypt. The civilisation 4000 years ago had to be very intriging. From Aswan we also visited Abu Simbel. The excursion was optional but was for us a must. The Egyptians moved the templecomplex because it was threatend to be flooded because of the construction of the Aswandam. It is now situated in the middle of nowhere and the only possibility at that time to reach it was by plane. We were scheduled for the the early trip so we were back at Aswan at 10.00 a.m. Further details, also the remaining adventures that journey, can be read in holiday diary. In november 2003 we went for a week to Hurghada to catch some sun. It was nice, very special was the hotel's housereef where we spent many hours snorkling. You can also find those pictures on this page.