Image description Our first transatlantic journey in 1994 lead us to the Dominican Republic. Except for the usual beach- and pooldays we also made some excursions. We went to the capital Santa Domingo for example. We had a 5 hours lasting bustrip (this was only one-way so we had to go back for another 5 hours). In the city there was a quite nice cathedrale but that was IT! We also made some trips around the island with a jeep and saw the typical slanting palmtree of the Bounty commercial (or Bacardi). The thing that we remembered the most is the fact that later on lots of places all around the world claimed to have the real Bounty / Bacardi palmtree. We did have a very relaxing two weeks, partly due to the all-in formula in the accomadation and to the long evenings we spent with a group of dutch people. With some of them we still have annual reunions.