Image description In november 2012 we took a trip to Costa Rica. After a holiday filled with culture in Myanmar we decided to go on the next trip to see some wildlife again.
The nature in Costa Rica is overwelming, there is no place where you can see so many shades of green and such a diversity of animals, especialy birds. We saw a lot of common black vultures, and many different birds with very bright colors. The colorfull macaw was one of the most beautiful. But also spider, hawl and white faced monkeys were nice to observe. Unfortunally we did not see turtles laying eggs, or hatchlings because we were in the country during the wrong season. But we did see lots of racoons and coatis, and different species of reptiles.
In the meantime we experienced why the rainforest is called like that, it needs a lot of rain. And we "enjoyed" the rain also. In the beginning it didn't stop pouring for four days. Luckely it is warm water, and the animals didn't matter. So we still got out and enjoyed the beautiful things Costa Rica has to offer.