Image description In 2008 we could make one of our dreams come true: a trip to Chile and Argentina. We went to Argentina mainly for the animals, we went to Chile for hikes on volcano's and beautiful nature parks. We walked on the volcano Villa Rica in Pucon, but could not do the long hike in Torres del Paine. The hike in the volcano was very heavy, but another victory on ourself. In Torres del Paine we could only make a short hike, partly due to the weather and to the character of the long hike. But we did some beautiful hiking on other places. The two counties are not like you would expect in South America; the are more western then the rest of the continent. In the daily life you will find no colorful clothing, like for instance in Ecuador. The food and drinks were pretty nice, especially the Chilean wines were very good. Everything about Argentina you can find on that page.