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Thursday, May 13 to the Okavango Delta

After breakfast we headed to the photoshoot. Namibia was happy checking out as fast as you check in Botswana, all is well. Motorized we saw that we now really were in Africa, the typical round huts together in a group with a wicker fence around it were present here a lot. Some were equipped with power and therefore prompt a TV dish, but those were the exceptions that are often close to the road and a town stood. After a short drive we again go shopping, especially meat. It was not easy because entered. After the messages we were soon at the boarding point for the speedboats us a piece of the delta of respondents. Because there was so much water and therefore a flood was about the way we normally with the safari truck ride would have had the ride on the speedboat a lot longer. When all the stuff in the speedboats had asked Frank to help us all, so it would happen quickly, and not the shoulders of a few people would arrive. We were soon boarded, and Frank went with Hilde & Tine stock boat with the rest in another boat with their own stuff and some water jugs. Then we just passed the original boarding point Sepopa Swamp Camp hazards were found the engine of our boat to be good, he had not nearly enough power to us all that much to bring to the next stop. So back to Sepopa Swamp Camp, where we had to wait and then were divided in two boats. The second boat we sat on was also not quite right, but eventually we came up with a delay of one hour to the next area. There was everything from the three people from the freighter unloaded, and was even lunch already waiting. What a service. After lunch, everything had to be loaded back into a truck and truck and trailer to get to the embarkation point of mokoros transportation. What a hassle and schlepping all, if the next day it is all worth it. When we arrived at the mokoros if everything again loaded in the canoes. What a hectic situation, it looks like Africa. First Clever but agree with some of the kitchen and a cooler with the meat in a small boat put away and let go. When we all with one of the tents, mattresses and other items. For each set there was a mokoro and a weird point, so nice and luxurious. But once we all sat and were on top it was all: a beautiful area, and do not need to look around and relax complacency. Along the way you saw well beyond that normally flooded, we were also swimming children who were not far from home. We did only a half hour to sail with our Pidi strange point to the helmet before we reach our desert island with bush camp arrived. Course had to be set up the tent, and we got an explanation about the bush toilet. That was a hole in the ground with a pile of sand and a shovel next to it. Were you ready, then sand it and that's about it. Clever of course, was already busy preparing dinner, it's still great to camp and own almost nothing need to do. At the campfire two small glasses of white wine each, and the rest of the bottle taken to the tent. For the first time this trip to only the mats of Sawadee slept. After the first night we were pleased that this but two nights here and we need our own mats are included. This sleeping something less comfortable than with our own mats and a mat on top.

Friday, May 14 Okavango Delta

We got up early, have breakfast and quickly boarded our boat safari mokoro for that day. Because Maaike birthday was that day (in whatever beautiful place you birthday) was her seat and later decorated with their mokoro balloons. Of course we sang and extended congratulations to her before we went out again. Pidi chairs made of our mattresses and a stick which he cut down on the spot and so we were packed light, with only camera, water and sun, enjoying our trip. Pidi weird is a good point, he sees where we are watching and sailing therefore prompt to go there. So we have done quite a few other roads as the other mokoros our companions inside. He also things that he can see from his experience, and that we otherwise would miss. When We carry Pidi saw an elephant on the island, and though the beast was hard to see, we could still vaguely picture of it. The trip was very fun because we get between the reed and papyrus were sailing jump there some stuff in the boat. Soon there was a small biotopes are building their own. Spiders built their webs to small flies in the boat wandered to capture and outwit. Little frogs fell off of the papyrus and arrived at the boat. All very nice, especially because it was so small and therefore not threatening. After about a half hour sail we arrived at what the starting point for the walking safari should have been. Unfortunately by the floods was also shifted some, and we had some antics to the safari to begin. First I agree with the mokoro under a fence, and then of course some continued on before we could land. When we land once we had reached without too wet shoes were on dry land we got from our guide explained what we could find. Before So we knew we were going to run what to do if we eg elephants, snakes, lions and buffalo would come. It was exciting to do, but we went at ease walking on two groups because otherwise we would not make too much noise. Slowly and quietly walking, we have plants and seen termites, and this explanation given. An overturned, super large baobab tree was a attraction. Some birds flew over, and even there the guide knew quite what to say. Halfway which lasted a half hour we came indeed from larger animals. No elephants or lions, zebras. That we had a lot seen but these were under a tree in the bush, so were harder to spot. I'll be back especially. After our where we walk the other part of the group also met, we went sailing away. At a leisurely pace also went looking for a hippo pool. We had the day they are heard from a distance, but they still not seen. Ultimately, that did not work, and perhaps rightly so. In such a small mokoro does not seem very safe, it is after more than a canoe. With a detour down about a half hour we with our bush camp. There was time to break down the tents and eat lunch. Unfortunately, then again a end to stay at our desert island. Frank asked me how many people were having to go to the delta swimming, but there was little enthusiasm for. So we started a bit slower, we had plenty of time. When it really was time we put everything back the mokoros loaded. When we were so far, and we had to wait a number of others Pidi made sure we were in the shade, and it is that Piet would do Pidi else I took home. When we finally went our way carry strange point of course a other waterways, this time for us to taste papyrus. So, you can survive in the delta when not dare to drink the water, there's plenty of purified water into a stem. Along the way, at the end of our trip, people are still swimming, but we thought it was fine. Once ashore we had to wait for the truck that took us to our next campsite in the delta would bring. After we had loaded everything back on again it was bumpy with little space in the truck. It was fortunately a short, one minute or twenty, so best to do. Our campsite was owned by a corporation point of insurers and other local population and called Mbiromba Camp. Thus we have again supported a local population, and they find we are fine. When we arrived at the campsite was the first activity of course setting up the tent, but then it was really time for a shower. Unfortunately not all the time warm weather but it felt good to clean. When we had just finished showering, the receptionist told us that she knew that the showers failures. We could therefore take advantage of the chalets to shower. Pretty late, but it did not all lot. The batteries and other things that needed to be recharged at the reception we could resign, and we therefore only done immediately. We will not happen that we have a flat battery, we have enough bad luck with our equipment. The power was only at half past six, but could only lie down. After all these activities, we went to the bar for a beer. We had nothing but ZA Borders, and would Botswana Pula's back. When we were there to were waiting for Gerry and his club were also queuing, so when we have only done one round. They have Finally ensure that we have more pictures of the first week. Was not very cheap, € 10.00 for six beers, and then we were even five pages Pula (U.S. $ 1.00) deficit. Fortunately, Kees over, so it all came still good. When we had our beer was Maaike say we had to put everything on her account. But we felt great. Her party was finally at the campfire and we are after emptying our beers have gone all together. All liquor was there at its own expense. At ten o'clock we went to bed.

Sunday, May 16 route to Chobe National Park

We could sleep in and have put no alarm. Of course we were well back in time awake. Because we have time we had enough bags devoted again, it was now become a nice mess. We have very have breakfast at our leisure, and there was bacon again. This is again rehab when we get home. At half past nine we went to Chobe, where we arrived at four hours. The lunch we had at a spot just before the border crossing near a bridge. When we saw the bridge reason the elephants by the side of the river are. So everyone is going at the first look at the beasts with which Chobe vol would sit to work. At the lunch spot was also the first real baobab trees at close quarters, so a nice place. After we had walked a mat with disinfectant and the umpteenth border was crossed, we were able way to the park continue. Along the way we came to some birds and wildlife, but the biggest surprise was just before the entrance of the park: a small herd of elephants under the trees along the roadside. Another sign that it would be fine with that game in Botswana. When we arrived at the campsite showed that for the most part to be flooded. So we had closer together and were on a sandy place close together. After the tents were up we all have some gelummeld around the tent, beer made little chatting and some tried to read. After dinner I got my stomach and I went to bed on time, I was there at half past eight with the idea that it then would pass away (and that was fortunately so). Frank had already game drives are the next day, and of course everyone went.

Monday, May 17

At a quarter to five we got up for a light breakfast and our first game drive in Chobe National Park. Breakfast which consisted of cereal and a cup of tea, but at that time that was actually enough. Then we took the whole group to walk to the entrance of the camp site where the safari vehicles were waiting. Of course we were not the only group that went into the park. Each group had its own vehicle, so that was perfectly arranged. It was a truck with a sort of stand there, but with a roof but the sides did nothing whatever. When we first were, the guide ask us if we had our passports with us, a check would ever need to. So half the group (including me) back to the tent to collect the passports. Because it was so dark I could they obviously are not very quickly. But still we were finally on our way. First we had a pretty long driving, it was good that Frank had warned us that it could be cold, it was proper. When we arrived at the real entrance was our (main) guide us register, and that lasted a long time. Other Vehicles came and went, and we were only waiting. Eventually of course we have back, and he could tell us that the passports were not necessary 9. So when we entered but the park grounds. First we had the idea that everyone in the vehicles were driving in a row, but fortunately there were more tracks and everyone went his way. Soon our guide hit a side road where we quickly a herd of impalas saw. Of course many pictures though that would get nothing because it still shimmered and light so far from optimal. At such moments, I still regretted that my camera was broken. After the impala, we made a stop for the landscape, and then lots of stops for birds and birds. There were very nice to, but at one point I had seen it so anyway. Luckily I was not alone and even the guide said that he would not stop for birds. Along the way there was also a hippo on the road and there were some in the water. There was also a crocodile in, but it was all very far away. We then marabouts, ospreys, a kudu, and a buffalo in the bushes, but not an elephant. Still, the park Chobe with whole herds should be, but we have inherited little of. At one point got the message guide that lions were spotted and we went to it. Arriving at the lions great. A lioness who was hunting, she came right past the truck fell by almost all her muscles are visible because they had to sneak. But then they come really close, and are also very big. Luckily she had never eaten human and So we recognized them as prey, otherwise a jump enough to make one or more snacks to taking people who were in the vehicle. A little later on the other side of the truck is still male under the trees. He stood there as if his great mate asked where the food was. We have prolonged standing and watching when we reason we saw some lions under trees. It was all very particular. And then it was time to go back, way, we obviously have seen some, but the highlight was surely watching the lions. When we arrived at the campsite were Frank and Clever already working on the hot breakfast: bacon, tomato and eggs. Unfortunately, that is not successful, the eggs were not good. Clever tried a whole number, but dared but not for us to continue. Eventually, he discarded them all balend. We had a lovely breakfast and then in the bar a bit to write. Of course there were others sitting in that delayed the writing, but still nice. A beer there and it was complete again. For two hours we have done with a light lunch a tuna salad. Before we left, Frank was also good news that he had put up the cash, or we all but just wanted to give some extra pasteurized drinks and made excursions to deal with. Given our drinking throughout the holiday was not too bad the damage, more than € 10.00. For three hours we left for our boat safari, a real sunset cruise. The cooler and a keg of red wine were involved in board, so it should be fine, animals or not. We had our own boat, so just right. Because the boat is not so great was we had to sit tactically, especially since the cooler was heavy and had to stand in front. As we all were installed we started sailing. Suddenly there were three kudu on the side who did not mind to the photo, and there were also crocodiles and hippos in the river water. Very nice all, the was a bit sad that Maaike sure jumped Pete wanted to make a nice picture of a hippo with its mouth open, but it can happen. Just when I was complaining that we are already traveling across the "four" elephant had seen we saw an elephant in the distance along the water. From that moment, we have seen at least twenty, waterfront and old and young specimens. There was also another one into the water, and gave some commotion, there were quite a few boats around and when our boatman nearer he had wanted to sail the boat between the elephant and the banks maneuver. An elephant is not that nice, because he thinks that his way into the country cut off (and this is also true). We will say that it is good that an elephant in the water slower than on land. He was at least pretty mad at our boat. After some krokodilletjes on the side we sailed on to what an elephant and hippos to stop the sunset quietly to view. When we arrived closer to the chosen spot, we saw that there were also a number of giraffes. The was a picture and a beautiful ending our stay in Chobe. Of pure joy we just its all but sucked dry cask wine. On the way our boatman stopped the momentum well and we also carry far from the shore in order that momentum to account. At the campsite were, as now good use was Clever and Frank already working dinner. Meanwhile went we all have a nice shower. Then came someone special T-shirts could make and that we would buy. We could own the print and the colors of choice, so when we had chosen a nice set I added a ordered. During dinner we gave the three men all their tips, with gratitude to the appropriate course kissing. I did it word for Frank, and Hilde for Fineas and Clever. Too bad this dinner just the meat for the first time the holiday was tough. After dinner we sit chatting until half past ten, but when it got cold and we went to bed.

Tuesday, May 18

At half past six we got up to for the last time to break down the tent. The last time we were still a tip to fold a little easier. It was all along gone well, but if the poles were stand, it went just a little tighter. Clever had breakfast made for boerewors and eggs, so that was okay again. It took some longer than usual, but that was no problem because we had plenty of time. After a hearty breakfast and slow we all have for the last time put the stuff in the truck and we went to the last this holiday destination: Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. We saw further from the road for an elephant but once we all going on the photo and film have put it was the last of the trip (we thought at that time). With kick pitch we drove to the border crossings. Those starting from Botswana went fine, you're finally So what would it all out to care. Moreover, Botswana already proved a relaxing country. But Zimbabwe was a different story. Eventually we all passport and visa for the money to Frank given and we all went to go outside in the sunshine waiting. After about half hour later he returned, so that was not too bad. Five minutes after we left we were in Botswana had arrived in our fourth country: Zimbabwe. We quickly went to Victoria Falls route and have the group picture with Piet and the camera tripod of Pierre. In Victoria Falls, we immediately proceed to the desk where We were able to book excursions. We have nothing booked, although we previously thought we had one round trip per helicopter over the falls would do. But unfortunately was told that the machine for credit cards was broken, and that we therefore first had to pin them. Too bad, I'm not the charges for cash pay! We could also pay in Euros, but we had such a terrible price for that We do not feel something was books. Following are a number of people we had booked proceed to Elephant Hills hotel, luxury ridiculous (but ask again whether that fascinates us!). When welcome drink, we have some money changed at Frank, which was a lot better than we had to change in the city. After the backpacks in the room were concerned, and we had admired the room, we walk around and have lunch with a bottle of white there. Nice, not cheap, but once you're in a luxurious environment. Luckily I could a hotel bill open, so it would be all right again. We also went to the pool where the man went to the T-shirts came. Unfortunately for him, the colors were not good, even ugly, so I had no feel. I have therefore not taken, and agreed that the next day The shirts would be appropriate. We have quite a bit rondgelummeld the afternoon in the hotel and spent the helicopter flight is booked. We are after spending serious money for that flight (cost U.S. $ 125.00 pp) well in bath and did the buffet in the hotel taken. Was not bad for U.S. $ 20.00 pp. A bottle there, what we have emptied at ease on one of the lazy beds in the lounge.

Wednesday, May 19

We have risen at half past six, had a delicious breakfast and then we will be ready for our flight over the waterfalls. We were picked up 100 meters away and we had to get out, the heliport was in fact the site of our hotel. Besides the cost of the flight itself also had to pay U.S. $ 8.00 for the "entrance" of the park of the Falls. Of course there was no change, but when I said I really had to have and otherwise it would pay less or no was that it suddenly appeared. Those are nasty things you would want people to realize that most tourists want to spend, but do not want to be lifted. Before we went we were weighted fly to our place in the helicopter to be determined. We were going to fly six Americans, that we have are nice chat before the flight. Piet got a place up front, alongside the pilot. That would be so nice pictures. I sat next to the window forward, with a still fairly overweight man for me. It went quite well, but he was so thick that the belt is not closed, and I do during the flight a few times a curve: "if it all goes well". No real fear, for I know not if it continues to dangerous, but still. It was fantastic! We saw much more than we expected, because we had the idea that through the mist of the falls not much to see. Of course there was lots of fog, it crashed untold water down. We finally just sat at the end of the rainy season, and we knew that much rain cases. We had that personal experience of the flooding in the Okavango Delta and various campsites. But we saw at different points down the water discharge, and sometimes the river in the gorge. The rainbows were phenomenal, they went on the wind with the nebula, which is a very special sight. The round trip on the wide Zambezi River were beautiful, there was really a lot of water. On the way we even saw in the area below us a herd of buffalo. Not very close, but still seen. After the flight we walked back to our hotel. They found the people at the tour desk of course fine. Now We were not about the film and view photos, and had not the chance that we would buy something. Do they much that we spend a lot of money, but never to that kind of thing. At ten past nine we were back in the hotel where we first pool would drink a cup of coffee. This proved to be a kind of wash water, so that we only leave. We waited until a quarter past ten on the man of the T-shirts, but did not show. Then we decided to go to the town, there was a beautiful walk plotted along the banks of the Zambesi, and we wanted to do. Because there is a shuttle bus ran between the hotel and the city did not we walk, also it was a boring way with not even a decent footpath. It appeared that is not driving the van, but the manager had to go that way, so that we would anyway. He has brought us to the Instead of beginning the hike brought, but it questioned whether it would be prudent to make that walk to go because quite a few game would be. We waved that away, it was finally described in the Lonely Planet and would to be good, right? Before we were making the hike we walked first along an asphalt road leading to the biggest baobab tree in Africa continent. If we were here we could do just as well look at the idea. When we went hiking After five minutes we saw a small herd of impala on the road, so nice to see a short distance. Even then discontinue a number of wild boars. At that moment it dawned on us that we were just in a wildlife park in the were walking, a walking safari so kind. We had of course seen the warnings that animals would run, and that you are not allowed after sunset, except at your own risk. But not all speak if you encounter real animals. We got a bit weird feeling, actually a bit of an unsafe feeling. What if a bunch of elephants would be stabbing, or when we walk along the shore against a lion body would run? Where prey (Macdonald's lion in the form of impala) walking around you can expect predators. After these reflections So we turned around and walked back to town. There was not really much to experience, we have once walked and walked about the handicraft market. They had some nice things, but we had whether a gift is not really looked. There were many vendors, but they were not really annoying. That the sellers were on the street though, especially towards the entrance of the park of the falls. I had to get used to again, as actually every year. They still want that behavior did not, there's a special "police" around that can be claimed if the too bad. In the city we saw the manager again and he told us he had sat down behind a herd of elephants when He went back to our walking boarding point, and that the lions were spotted last night at the gate of the hotel. We told him that we have followed his advice but ultimately, and that he seemed quite happy about. The is also a hassle if one of the guests at your hotel is eaten by a lion, so good that we have him saved. I have bought a bottle of water and then we ate lunch at the Victoria Falls Hotel. Beautiful terrace, great view and good food. Not the cheapest lunch we've ever done (including bottle of white U.S. $ 70.00) but it was a good place. We have issued the old notes before they were not somewhere else adopted. With a toilet stop in the Kingdom hotel we went back to the bus stop. When we arrived We waited a while, but the bus never came. Later he used to come and so have we just missed. Because it was not so far and good weather, and as we move pretty again and we could use had no desire for a half hour waiting for the next bus we started walking. It was indeed a dull away, and there are a few cars stopped to ask if we wanted a lift. That we have beaten off, we would eventually walk. At some point we saw a big baboon. Because I do not like monkeys do, and certainly not of that species with large Piet took a few teeth in his hands in case he would come close. While walking we kept of course the baboon in the eye, but luckily crossed over. Still, we keep an eye on him until Piet I nudged and said "there is an elephant." Does that scare, there is suddenly a big elephant on some three meters distance, with no fence between them. But when we crossed, no longer conscious of the monkey, was happy which has already disappeared in the bushes. The elephant looked at us, we probably thought to him yielded no risk, and happily through the plundering of the tree where he was doing before he looked up. We have of course some pictures and are totally beaming again walked. In retrospect, of course, until you see the danger, and you know why it is not advisable to walk along the road and why people offer you a lift. Fortunately, nothing happened, the was certainly a wonderful meeting. Back at the hotel we went to the pool to lie, even a little swim in the dead cold water and have taken a few beers to celebrate our day. When we were there we saw some impala and pigs at the golf course and what are we going to look at. It remains particularly, a city in a wildlife park where the Fenced buildings to keep out the animals instead of fences around the animals. Then we went in the bath and have a soup and some granola bars in the room made after the heavy lunch, we had Neither hungry. We have done with a Coke in the lounge, at half past ten was our light.

Thursday, May 20

We have put no alarm, but still rose at ten past seven. That is when you nearly four weeks that have rhythm. We have our bags packed to go to the Falls, we needed to prepare a wet course suit. But we are naturally given first breakfast. We took the bus from a quarter to nine and were so nice on time. At breakfast we heard Pam and Laura were sick again, but Pam was not discouraged, who went Just on the road. Laura was so ill that they have tours to let go, and that is a shame because you lose your money anyway. We are Pam and John and Simon & Tineke risen to the entrance of the park, but arrived there was a slight problem of a few tons. We are again: the last day to see the Victoria Falls and we can not. There was an elephant broke and was furious that he was driven to go out and not found the way back. The people already in the park and were still near the entrance had found out. Guests that are more in the park, staff were deployed to put them in a safe place to bring. When the staff was doing the comb as a mad elephant running around, while you should not stand in the way. Everyone jumped to go in any direction in safety. The gates of the park were open put so he had room to go out, but easy is not so bad. Also very strange to realize gates that are open to put a wild elephant in a small town to run, but it is here now Once opposite: the buildings are fenced and the park is on it to and through. We have ten hours hanging around there a bit and thought it was time to go drink some coffee. We have also went to a T-shirt look, which Oekel of the custom-made shirts would be no more coming. Too bad for him. Half past eleven when we walked back to the park was opened just fifteen minutes, so should still be fine. Tickets purchased with borders that were more favorable than Euros and we had coffee with paying for the marked that deal with borders in the hospitality industry is not as favorable, we wanted our dollars for dinner dn also save the evening. The visit to the waterfalls was fantastic, there is no end to the beautiful things in this journey. We were however soaking wet, I was glad I pluutje with me. We first went to the left, to Devil's Cataract where a good view, and where so we can make nice pictures (and a little clip with my photo camera). On the way to the center we saw some hornbills in a tree. Gradually the walk, we were becoming increasingly wetter, it was always careful with the cameras. But the views were overwhelming and violence of the water is very impressive. Unfortunately we have no wildlife, except some bungee jumpers that dared the jump from a bridge over the River. The gap was deep enough, and they jumped so rainbows in the mist of the falls came through. A very pretty face and a little moment to to dry in the sun. After our visit to the falls we went along for the menu Mama Africa for dinner that night and we bought a T-shirt. Unfortunately they did not my first choice in the right size, but the second choice was also excellent. We walked back to the bus stop that soon more companions minister to return to the hotel. We have taken a light lunch with a small beer, later Harma & Henk came to sit still, nice. When we got back in the room were still going to walk, Piet to spot wildlife on the golf course, but I had a good bit and I had to sit on our balcony with a book. Then I fixed some stuff packed for the trip home the next day, it comes naturally ever an end to a holiday, although it was so full that we felt has eight weeks to go are. Piet came back with very nice pictures of waterbuck and a dragon. Sleeping bags packed before Piet could go right, of course showering. I now have the T-shirt with Helna brought the man was not showing up with the good shirts, but she had the already bought and paid for. We are downstairs in the hotel we are talking with Frank about the idea he had the time to come in Johannesburg and then bus back into town went for dinner at Mama Africa. The bus was full of staff, so it was not just a shuttle for guests, but it excites no further, we arrived at our destination without risk of encountering an elephant (why was that in Botswana last:). In the restaurant we were a long time the only guests, but that was not bad. I could write good and we were chatting quietly with a beer. After that the food we ordered, like the comment that it was easy, we had quite the evening time. When we Culemborg bottle ordered (on advice from Harma) was not known who first. We ended the name wrong statements and we got him anyway. The appetizer was a plate full, so we have a little leave. The main course came as agreed when we had asked for and was again a huge portion. I have therefore only a little rice and meat. Dessert but we have beaten that really could not anymore. During dinner there was a band, but especially Western music and that was a pity. Later at a dance and was still African. Because we not able to walk to the hotel (even given the experience of the encounter with the elephant in the afternoon) we took a taxi. The driver thought it necessary to ask for U.S. $ 10.00, but luckily I was informed. Five or six we found enough (and were therefore six). Back at the hotel we had a nightcap and entrusts we both went briefly bath.

Friday, May 21

We rose at half past six and are quickly jumped in the shower. After breakfast we have the hotel bill U.S. $ 168.00 paid and we went with a different safari truck, but with Clever and Fineas as crew. The first border crossing from Zimbabwe was simple, just as a stamp, but that is not usually a problem when a country leaves. Zambia was a different story, but that was neatly solved by Frank. He took the passports, and also paid the visa. It was already known to us, Sawadee paid the visa as we flew back from Zambia and late known. When we arrived in Livingstone, we went to the park from where you waterfalls could see that side. That was the whole plan was, because we were flying back from Zambia but we could if we what formerly would depart from the hotel, the Falls from that side. That meant our third view of the Zambezi and the falls: from the air, and from Victoria Falls from Livingstone. The entrance The park took it back two times U.S. $ 20.00, but more side to see them were not there, but so far. In the park we walked around a half hour, and it was really different. In Zimbabwe, a force of water, much fog and the park looked like a rainforest. In Zambia much drier, better visibility and more rainbows that you really could see. After the walk we took the safari truck on a bumpy ride to the airport. We had a quiet flight to Johannesburg, with a final view of the falls. When we arrived at Johannesburg, we said goodbye to Frank and Han & Marian, she remained in South Africa. We were picked up by a friend of Frank, who picked us twice to bring his hostel. There were we spend a long transit, good on the edge of the (heavy dirty) pool with a beer that was reached by owner. The dinner we have taken in a hotel across the street, it was a buffet for not too much money, glass of wine and the day was over. When it was time to go so we could get our flight to Amsterdam he brought us back to the airport. After a quiet flight with an occasional snack or a drink we were quickly back in Amsterdam. When we had freshened up our bags and went out, everyone was gone except January and Maaike, who had waited for a moment on our say goodbye. Patrick and Joke were already waiting for us and after a cup of coffee and some otherwise good drink we drove home. It was a wonderful trip, but 4750 km across the African continent is tiring. Well we are almost always Early to bed, so camping is a pretty again next time (just not as fast, not too long and not very often).